Sunroom Vs. Traditional Room Addition: What’s The Difference

Adding something to your house is always exciting. With the new utilization of extra space, you’re open to many lifestyle possibilities. You can contact home additions contractors or sunroom contractors in Richmond Hill, GA, to get the job done for you. But, which addition should you get? Let us look at the differences between the two in this article.

What is a sunroom

Sunrooms can either be screen rooms, three-season rooms, or solariums. They are rooms that get ample natural sunlight and provide comfortable living space for the day. They can be used for several purposes, such as a meditation room, a hobby room, or a reading space.

What is a traditional room addition

A traditional room addition is very similar to adding a sunroom in your house. However, these rooms do not necessarily have screens and ample sunlight in them. They are either adding a new room in your house or extending an existing room.

What is the difference between the two

There are some obvious differences between sunrooms and traditional room additions.

●    Sunrooms have a lot of sunlight in them, allowing you to get close to nature in the best way possible. On the other hand, traditional room addition allows for great space utilization by adding extra and more practical space in your house.

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●    A sunroom is generally built of screens and hardwood. Traditional room additions are made of traditional building materials such as drywall and wood.

●    Sunrooms serve as a luxurious addition to your house, while traditional room additions serve as a utility improvement.


Whether you choose to get a sunroom or room addition is dependent on your needs. However, whatever addition you get will help you get the most out of the extra space in your house, along with increasing your home’s reselling value. Therefore, consider your requirements and do not hesitate while extending your house!